Our school is fortunate to have a solid volunteer base, so many parents and family members dedicate their time and energy to help in our children's education. All the hours and hard work do not go unrecognized!

LCE PTA would like to show our volunteers our appreciation by recognizing Volunteer of the Month. Each month we will select a volunteer that has gone above and beyond in service for our school, students and PTA. Selected volunteers will be featured in Wolverine Weekly, get their name on the school reader board and have a special reserved parking space for the month!

It's easy to nominate a volunteer. Just email president@littlecedarspta.org with the name or names of volunteers you feel go above and beyond, along with a short summary of why you are nominating them. Each month, we will select from the submissions.

Current Volunteer of the Month

January 2018 - Congratulations to Volunteer of the Month, Erika Keating!
Erika Keating has one child at LCE, Brynn, who is a fourth grader. She has volunteered in her daughter's classroom every year as a parent volunteer as well as a room mom, ensuring all kids feel welcome and have a great time. She has also helped at several PTA events, as well as served as VP of Events the last two years on the PTA Board. She has put in so much time and energy to our school's family events, giving of her own time! Her husband, Pete, has also given many of his own hours helping at these events. Our LCE kids and families are sure appreciative of such a wonderful volunteer! Thank you Erika! 


December 2017 - Congratulations to Volunteer of the Month, Chelsea Jamerson!
Chelsea has helped organize the Art Docent program since 2015. She helps train and recruit volunteers, continually stocks the cabinet of supplies, and helps teach lessons in classes without parent volunteers. She helps prep and display artwork throughout the school for our annual Celebration of the Arts night. She makes a positive impact on our school community, always offering to help and thanking others for their work. Chelsea has a 3rd grader, Tyler, and 5th grader, Madilynn, at Little Cedars. Thank you so much for your service to all our students and families!


November 2017 - Congratulations to Volunteer of the Month, Kimi Guichard!
Kimi has two daughters at LCE, a fourth grader in Mrs. Habib's class and a first grader in Ms. Lech's class. Kimi has served as a room mom as well as a class volunteer every year for the past five years, creating fun and educational crafts and games for the kids to make and play at class parties. She has also volunteered at several PTA events each year, whether it be Bingo, Holiday Affair, Spring Carnival, wherever she can be of use! Kimi has also served on the PTA board as VP of Communications for two years and this past year as Co-President. As you can see, Kimi as been a wonderful asset to the LCE Community and we thank her!


October 2017 - Congratulations to October's Volunteer of the Month, Kayla Shreve! Kayla has 2 daughters at Little Cedars and is a full-time working mom, who finds time to volunteer and participate in PTA.  Kayla recently chaired our Bingo Night event, and did a great job organizing and executing! We appreciate all that you do for our school and community. Thank you Kayla!


Previously Honored Volunteer's of the Month


2016 - 17 Volunteer's of the Month

2015 - 16 Volunteer's of the Month

2014 - 15 Volunteer's of the Month