We asked the staff to share some of their favorite things with us. Click the links to get to know them a little better!   

Office & Building Staff

Mrs. Nielsen (Principal)

Mr. Painter (Assistant Principal)

Mrs. Cleveland (Secretary)

Ms. Sells (Administrative Assistant)

Mr. Gardner (Daytime Custodian)

Mr. Farbus (Nighttime Custodian)

Ms. Edwards (Nighttime Custodian)

Mrs. Mann (Lunch Room)

Ms. Martin (Lunch Room)

Ms. Greenleaf (Lunch Room)



Mrs. Blume (LAP)

Ms. Alejandro (ELL)

Mrs. Leese (Connections Teacher)

Mrs. Richter (Library/Media Specialist)

Mrs. Croyle (Music Specialist/Band Teacher)

Mrs. Theaker (Music Specialist)

Mr. Wilson (P.E. Specialist)

Mrs. Geller (P.E. Specialist)

Ms. Moshier (Counselor)

Mr. Turner (Psychologist)

Ms. Tiland (Special Ed Resource Teacher)

Ms. Generous (Speech and Language)

Mrs. Flaherty (District Nurse)

Ms. Hammond (Certified Occupational Therapist)

Ms. Daniels (Certified Physical Therapist)

Ms. Ng (PT)


Educational Assistants

Ms. Bauman (OT/PT EA)

Mrs. Michaels (Library EA)

Ms. Headdy (Connections Room EA)

Ms. Lee (Connections Room EA)

Ms. Roller (Resource Room EA)

Ms. Worden (Student Support EA)

Ms. Bickley (Health Room EA)

Mrs. Christiansen (Recess/Basic Education EA)

Mrs. Harris (Recess/Basic Education EA)

Mrs. Sporrong (Recess/Basic Education EA)

Mrs. Albright (Recess/Basic Education EA)

Ms. Stark (EA)

Ms. Wheeler (EA)


Teachers (By Grade)

Miss. Johnson (Kindergarten)

Mrs.  Bazzano-Carr (Kindergarten)

Mrs. Gates (Kindergarten)

Mrs. McMaster (Kindergarten)

Mrs. Bielski (Grade 1)

Mrs. Spinner (Grade 1)

Ms. Leck (Grade 1)

Mrs. Halvorson (Grade 2)

Mrs. Nermo (Grade 2)

Mrs. Ingram-Bate (Grade 2)

Mrs. Graves (Grade 2)

Ms. Dearmon (Grade 2)

Mrs. Pederson (Grade 3)

Ms. McCormack (Grade 3)

Mrs. Leo (Grade 3)

Mrs. Vaule (Grade 3)

Mrs. Habib (Grade 4)

Mrs. Hubbard (Grade 4)

Mrs. Petruzzi-Benson (Grade 4)

Ms. Collins (Grade 5)

Ms. Jones (Grade 5)

Mrs. Pladsen (Grade 5)

Mr. Pickett (Grade 6)

Mrs. Divito (Grade 6)

Mr. Rogers (Grade 6)

Ms. Lierman (Grade 6) 

Ms. Winter (Grades 4/5/6)








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