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For questions about the program, email watchDOGS@littlecedarspta.org


Who are Watch DOGS and how does Watch DOGS work? 

Watch DOGS are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other father-figures who volunteer for at least one day each year at an official Watch DOGS school.

Watch DOGS, a K-12 program, invites fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and father-figures to volunteer at least one day all day at their child's/student's school during the school year. Fathers and father-figures sign up to volunteer through a "Launch Event" or can register online. The program is overseen by a "Top Dog" volunteer who partners with the school administrator to coordinate scheduling and identify opportunities for Watch DOGS to provide assistance at the school. Watch DOG dads and volunteers perform a variety of tasks during their volunteer day (more information available on this when you arrive on your scheduled day).

 * Please note: Be sure to fill out your volunteer packet ONLINE by clicking here.
A background check will be conducted after you submit your online application. You will then receive an email with your approval status. Volunteer applications are valid for two years from the approval date.
Upon approval, please bring the email and photo ID to the school office.