PTA Mission & Goals for 2019-20


Our Vision

We strive to benefit all students at Little Cedars Elementary in their education, health, safety and welfare as we connect with each other in our community.



LCE PTA means…

Lead students to develop social responsibility.
Cultivate parental support by providing volunteer opportunities.
Enrich students by providing educational activities.

Partner with educational staff to enhance curriculum.
Team with parents and community to raise funds for our school.
Advocate and speak on behalf of children.


Goals for 2019-20

  • Continually seek out new ways to support our community and create a positive school environment for all students, families and staff.
  • Conduct purposeful fundraising to support educational programs and events at Little Cedars.
  • Foster positive volunteer experiences by encouraging more meaningful connection with students, staff and families, utilizing personal talents, and recognizing time and effort given.
  • Welcome more parent and staff participation in the PTA, to cultivate future PTA leaders.
  • Increase participation and attendance at PTA meetings.
  • Conduct all our PTA activities with integrity, enthusiasm, and openness.