PTA Mission & Goals for 2023 - 2024


Our Vision

We strive to benefit all students at Little Cedars Elementary in their education, health, safety and welfare as we connect with each other in our community.



LCE PTA means…

Lead students to develop social responsibility.
Cultivate parental support by providing volunteer opportunities.
Enrich students by providing educational activities.

Partner with educational staff to enhance curriculum.
Team with parents and community to raise funds for our school.
Advocate and speak on behalf of children.


Goals for 2022-2023

  • Inclusivity: Continually seek out new ways to support our diverse students by utilizing parent leaders for Multi-Language-Learner (MLL) families to access information about the PTA, as well as invite families to participate in PTA events, meetings, and programs. Investigate opportunities for the PTA to meet within the community to help foster connection and understanding among all stakeholders. Model inclusivity by creating a positive school environment for all students, families and staff by ensuring all PTA events and programs are accessible and welcoming regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, language, ability, or financial status.  


  • Financial Responsibility: Conduct purposeful fundraising to support educational programs, events, and whole school needs at Little Cedars by  creating educational enrichment opportunities through accessible on campus programs, reviewing community requests, holding events that foster community, and surveying families on the priority of larger whole school needs. Protect PTA property by inventorying all items stored on school grounds and create a contract with the school regarding said property.  


  • Involvement: Foster positive volunteer experiences by encouraging more meaningful connection with students, staff and families through the re-establishment of WatchDOGS, increasing staff appreciation, and promoting volunteer opportunities in PTA programs, fundraisers and events through broader communication and incentives. Utilize personal and professional talents by creating volunteer job descriptions that highlight the talents potential volunteers may possess. Recognize time and effort given by providing hospitality during service, thanking volunteers both verbally and in writing in a timely fashion, offering incentives, highlighting volunteer efforts in publications, and holding an annual Volunteer Appreciation event.  


  • Educate: Explore opportunities to support family education and community awareness through seminars, roundtables, and discussions with professionals in the greater Snohomish community on topics related to safety, health and wellness, and equity by reaching out to the school district, local police departments, hospitals and community health centers, and local nonprofits dedicated to equity in our community.  


  • Recruit Leaders: Increase interest and involvement in our local PTA by creating grade-level volunteer teams, providing casual meet-ups in the community with Board members and offering incentives for attending general membership meetings and volunteering. Build understanding and awareness about our local PTA by creating a pie chart to visually explain the financial impact of the PTA. Increase understanding of the critical role the PTA plays in building community and helping students reach their full potential by increasing transparency and highlighting important data related to PTA business, such as the:  
  • fundraising totals  
  • approved grants and major purchases 
  • number of volunteer hours utilized and the number of attendees for PTA events/programs 
  • seminars, roundtables, and discussions organized with professionals in the greater Snohomish community  
  • number of people in attendance at community education opportunities 
  • donations received from local businesses and generous community members.  


  • Compassion: Conduct all our PTA activities with respect, integrity, enthusiasm, and openness.  


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