Current Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for volunteers & committee members for 2019 Events and Programs. If you have questions please contact:

PTA President, Emily Walker:

VPs of Events, Lauren Waltzing and Tia Luckey:

VP of Programs, Amanda Whitaker:

VP of Communications, Andrea Vandehey:


Volunteer Position Contact Email Date of Program/Event
Newsletter Editor VP Communications Year Round
Advocacy Chairperson (Board position) PTA President Year Round






2019 Committee Members Needed for the following:

Spelling Bee: January 24, 2019 will be our annual spelling competition for 4th - 6th graders! Volunteers needed for the night of the event.
Contact Amanda Whitaker or Julie Winter

Talent Show: March 8, 2019 Kids love the Talent Show! Committee members would help organize the acts, run rehearsals the week before the show, and keep the show running that night. Contact if interested

Science Fair: March 13, 2019 is our annual science fair. Get those little scientists thinking about what scientific fact they would like to demonstrate. Volunteers are needed for advertising and publications, student signup, placement and awards, as well as general setup and take-down.
Contact Cristie Uplinger to get involved. 

Spring Silent Auction: May 17, 2019 The silent auction is coming up and we would like it to be better than ever. The committee needs help organizing this event and getting donations for gift baskets and/or services. Contact if interested 

Spring Carnival: May 17, 2019 The Spring Carnival is always a fun event! We will need several committee members to make this event successful. If you are interested in helping or have any ideas for this year’s carnival, please contact  




      Ice Cream Tuesdays contact Heather Salazar
      Popcorn Thursdays contact Amy Mann