Ultimate Glow Party Pack

Are you ready to light up the night at this year’s Winter Glow Dance? Last year our glow cups were a huge hit, and sold out long before the party ended. This year we want to be sure that everyone gets the opportunity to light-up the dance floor with our Ultimate Glow Party Pack.

This party pack consists of…

Glow Ball Tumbler: This fun frosted 20oz cup will light up every occasion. It features a slow-color changing led light that will keep your drink glowing all night long. It comes with a lid and flexible straw to help prevent spills while you are out on the dance floor. It also uses a replaceable battery, so you can enjoy light-up drinks long after the party ends.

Glow Bracelet: This vibrate light-up bubble bangle is the perfect accessory on the dance floor. It too comes with replaceable batteries so you can continue to light up a room wherever you go.  

Free Glow-nade or Lemonade: Bring your Glow Ball Tumbler to the dance and you can enjoy a choice of Glow-nade (sparkling glowing lemonade) or classic lemonade all night long.

*Supplies are limited.

**Depending on the number of pre-sales, there may be cups and bracelets available to purchase individually at the dance.