If you're overwhelmed by feelings of personal grief or about the recent school shooting in Texas, please know that you're not alone.

Here are some of the links that have been shared by the National PTA:

Resources on Mental Health, Grief and Loss

* Healthy Minds: PTA believes that mental health should be an everyday priority, but it becomes even more important in crisis. So, we've created tips and resources for families at any stage of the journey, including grief and loss.

* Managing Stress: Our friends at the American Psychological Association have resources to address the aftermath of a mass shooting, including ways to help children manage distress and ways to manage your own distress

* Addressing Trauma: The National Child Traumatic Stress Network has resources including a "Psychological First Aid Kit for Schools" and "Grief Tips for Caregivers." Please use and share them!

Ways to Take Action on Gun Violence

* Contact your Members of Congress: Use our VoterVoice system to send an urgent message to your members of Congress today to insist they work across the aisle to pass sensible gun safety and violence prevention policies that ensure our children are protected from harm.

* Use the PTA Gun Violence Prevention Policy Brief: PTA is all about the power of collective action: We can do anything together, because we can be everywhere at once. Use our policy brief on gun safety and violence prevention to demand change in your community.

* Join PTA on Capitol Hill June 14-15: PTA advocates from across the country are heading to Capitol Hill to meet in-person with their members of Congress and advocate for the health & safety of every child during the National PTA 125th Anniversary Convention.