The search for next year’s Little Cedars PTA officers is now underway! Can you serve? Do you know another parent or teacher who would be great?

We are seeking people with positive leadership skills and the ability to commit to the duties of an officer of the PTA. Nominees must be PTA members, or must join by March 27th, 2020.

Nominations must be received by March 18th, 2020. Please email your name and phone number to .

PTA Board positions:

  • President: Serves and directs the Board. Leads PTA meetings. Works with Principal to plan

    PTA calendar and budget.

  • Secretary: Takes meeting minutes. Helps enforce adherence to PTA bylaws.

  • Treasurer: Manages the budget and finances of PTA.

  • Vice-President of Communications: Publicizes events and news through emails and print newsletters. Ensures good communication with parents, teachers, and administration.

  • Vice-President of Fundraising: Oversees campaigns and special events to raise money needed to meet the PTA budget.

  • Vice-President of Academic Programs: Oversees the student enrichment committees, programs, and clubs, such as Science Fair and Art Docents.

  • Vice-President of Special Events: Oversees the special events committees for events such as Bingo, Talent Show, and Spring Carnival.

    Consider co-chairing a position with a friend, or asking them to serve too!

    Questions? We're happy to answer questions or tell you more about the PTA! E-mail, or talk to any member of this year’s Nominating Committee - Stephanie Ridley, Angela Loth or Sonya Hancock.