Save the Date!
Emily Walker 
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Last Chance for Sign-Ups!Emily Walker11/17/202112/11/2021
Last Chance for Sign-Ups!
Web sign-ups are CLOSED, but please email  and we will register you until we run out of supply kits. Thank you!    ... read full article
Save the Date!Emily Walker5/3/20226/5/2022
Save the Date!
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Registration OpenEmily Walker2/23/20223/18/2022
Registration Open
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Art Club Signups Open NowEmily Walker2/3/20222/11/2022
Art Club Signups Open Now
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Reflections Art Entries Due Jan. 3, 2022Emily Walker12/15/20211/6/2022
Reflections Art Entries Due Jan. 3, 2022
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Back to School!Emily Walker8/31/202110/31/2021
Back to School!
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Parent Pick-Up / Drop-Off Lane TipsEmily Walker9/15/202110/1/2021
Parent Pick-Up / Drop-Off Lane Tips
The school parking lot gets very busy during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up times! Here's your How-To Guide to keep traffic flowing and - more importantly - keep kids safe: Drive down 144th Place SE and into the lower lot, yielding to buses as you go.  In the center parking area (where cars are parked on both sides), form TWO lines of cars. Keep your kids buckled.  At the end of the parking area (before the turn), merge into a single-file line against the right-hand curb. Wait until you get to the Parent Drop Zone (shown below in yellow). Pull ... read full article