Art Docent Program

Do I have to have a background in art?

No! No art experience is necessary! For each lesson, you will have a page of information needed for the project. There will be background info on the artist for your own knowledge, all the information is written. 

Do I have to be good at drawing?

No! You will not be teaching the children "how" to draw or paint. You will be guiding them in a short discussion about art history and appreciation, then showing the class steps to create their own unique hands on project.

How often do I volunteer?

Once a month for 5 months: November, January, February, March and April. If you are co-teaching, you have the flexibility to trade off months and do what works with your schedule.

Do I have to teach by myself?

No, in fact - we find it best to have 2 or even 3 Art Docents in each class. Ask a fellow parent to co-teach! If no one is available, just ask one of the Art Docent Chairs - we can find a helper, or be the helper!

Do I have to prep the materials?

No! For each lesson, all the materials are prepped and organized into a labeled bin. If any other supplies are needed, it will be listed in your lesson plans (i.e. glue sticks from the classroom). You will never need to bring anything from home.

How will I know HOW to teach?

There will be an Art Docent Training Session, which is scheduled for October 29th & 30th at 9:00 am in the PTA room (across from the Library). You will receive your lesson plans, learn where prints and supplies are stored as well as learn how to effectively give a lesson and guide a discussion.

How do I know what to teach?

You will be given a packet with all 5 of your lessons when you come to the training session. These lessons have been developed and planned by our prior Art Docent Chairs, who shared Art degrees and are currently working in the arts! The lesson plans correlate with the social studies unit each grade is working in, and meet the Washington State Essential Academics Learning Requirements in the Arts (Elementary Visual Arts).

Can I only teach the class that my child is in?

We would love for you to help in the class your student is in. But, if you would like to help out in other classes as well, you are more than welcome!

What is the time commitment?

We recommend that you read through all your lessons at the beginning of the year, then again the night before your lesson. It's best to arrive 15 minutes before your lesson to gather your supplies. The lesson generally takes about an hour, then about 15 minutes for cleanup.

What if I need help?

Art Docents have a great support system. If at any time, you have a question or feel like you need help in the classroom - just send an email or call your Art Docent Chairs. We are more than happy to help in any aspect!


I'm ready to volunteer! How do I get more information?

Sign up on our volunteer page or send an email to .