Ms. Nielsen has some fun things planned for our amazing staff this year! We are excited for the Wolverines to be a part of celebrating these hard-working folks!

Staff Appreciation Week 2024


Other Ideas for Showing your Appreciation:

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week, as well as the holidays and the end of the school year, can be a great time to thank teachers and staff. Want some ideas?

  • Please don’t feel obligated to give a gift! Gifts and cards are appreciated, but never expected!
  • Teachers treasure cards and drawings from the kiddos the most.
  • For some personalized ideas, check out the "Favorite Things" lists. In the past, we asked the staff to share some of their favorite things with us this year. Click HERE to get to know them a little better! 

    Note: Teachers & staff, need to make changes? E-mail

  • Please do not gift: Homemade food items, perishables, alcohol, or items of high value. 
  • Drop off physical cards or gifts at the school during school hours, or send them in with your in-person learners.
  • Make sure to label your card or treat with the staff member’s name.