May 3-7, 2021: Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week!

Sign Up to Treat a Staff Member: Send a card, drawing, treat, e-mail or small gift to help thank a Little Cedars staff member!


Sunday, May 2nd - Chalk the Walk: Families, join us outside Little Cedars to Chalk the Walk with some cheerful messages and drawings for teachers and staff! Drop by anytime between 12 and 4 p.m. Please wear your masks, keep distance from other families, and do not go inside the building. The PTA will have bags of chalk and hand wipes at the front office door and the upstairs door near the music room. Weather permitting.

The PTA will also be delivering lunches for teachers & staff on Thursday/Friday May 6-7.


Other Ideas for Showing your Appreciation:

Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week, as well as the holidays and the end of the school year, can be a great time to thank teachers and staff. Want some ideas?

  • Please don’t feel obligated to give a gift! Gifts and cards are appreciated, but never expected!
  • Teachers treasure cards and drawings from the kiddos the most.
  • For some personalized ideas, check out the "Favorite Things" lists.  >>
  • Please do not gift: Homemade food items, perishables, alcohol, or items of high value. 
  • Drop off physical cards or gifts at the school during school hours, or send them in with your in-person learners. There will also be a table/bin outside the front door.
  • Make sure to label your card or treat with the staff member’s name.
  • In-person teachers and staff are likely to be in the building Monday – Thursday. Remote teachers and staff are more likely to be in the building on Friday.

Our Teachers & Staff

We asked the staff to share some of their favorite things with us this year. Click to get to know them a little better! 

Office & Building Staff

Mr. Dickert (Principal)

Mr. Painter (Assistant Principal)

Ms. Lapham (Secretary to the Principal)

Mrs. Cleveland (Secretary)

Mr. Gardner (Daytime Custodian)

Mrs. Jessica Collins (Nighttime Custodian)

Mrs. Mann (Lunch Room)

Ms. Martin (Lunch Room)

Ms. Greenleaf (Lunch Room)


Teachers (By Grade)

Miss. Johnson (Kindergarten)

Mrs.  Bazzano-Carr (Kindergarten)

Mrs. Gates (Kindergarten)

Mrs. McMaster (Kindergarten)

Mrs. Halvorson (Grade 1)

Mrs. Bielski (Grade 1)

Mrs. Spinner (Grade 1)

Ms. Leck (Grade 1)

Mrs. Vansteel (Grade 1)

Mrs. Schenck (Grade 2)

Ms. Wold (Grade 2)

Mrs. Ingram-Bate (Grade 2)

Mrs. Graves (Grade 2)

Ms. Dearmon (Grade 2)

Mrs. Pederson (Grade 3)

Ms. McCormack (Grade 3)

Ms. Scott (Grade 3)

Mrs. Vaule (Grade 3)

Mr. Beach (Grade 3, Riverview)

Mrs. Habib (Grade 4)

Mrs. Hubbard (Grade 4)

Mrs. Petruzzi-Benson (Grade 4)

Ms. Frisbie (Grade 4, Cascade View)

Ms. Colleen Collins (Grade 5)

Ms. Jones (Grade 5)

Mrs. Pladsen (Grade 5)

Mr. Pickett (Grade 6)

Mrs. Divito (Grade 6)

Mr. Rogers (Grade 6)

Ms. Winter (Grades 4/5/6)

Mrs. Leo (Grades 4/5/6)



Mrs. Blume (LAP)

Ms. Alejandro (ELL)

Mrs. Leese (Connections Teacher)

Mrs. Richter (Library/Media Specialist)

Mrs. Croyle (Music Specialist/Band Teacher)

Mr. Wilson (P.E. Specialist)

Mrs. Geller (P.E. Specialist)

Ms. Moshier (Counselor)

Mr. Turner (Psychologist)

Ms. Galenko (Special Ed Resource Teacher)

Ms. Tiland (Special Ed Resource Teacher)

Ms. Generous (Speech and Language)

Ms. Egerer (Speech and Language)

Mrs. Flaherty (District Nurse)

Ms. Hammond (Certified Occupational Therapist)

Ms. Daniels (Certified Physical Therapist)


Educational Assistants

Ms. Bauman (OT/PT EA)

Mrs. Gray (Library EA)

Mrs. Belton (Health Room EA)

Mrs. Michaels (Resource Room EA)

Ms. Headdy (Connections Room EA)

Ms. Chapman (Connections Room EA)

Ms. Lee (Connections Room EA)

Ms. Worden (Student Support EA)

Mrs. Christiansen (Recess/Basic Education EA)

Mrs. Harris (Recess/Basic Education EA)

Mrs. Hegarty (Recess/Basic Education EA)

Mrs. Sporrong (Recess/Basic Education EA)

Mrs. Albright (Recess/Basic Education EA)


Note: Teachers & staff, need to make changes? E-mail