Gather your budding scientists -- it's science fair time!  

March 18th, 2022, 6 - 8 p.m. via Zoom 

Cost: FREE 


 (Only students who register will receive a free bouncy ball kit.) 

To enter the science fair: Students can enter as individuals or small groups (with parent permission). Students should perform their experiments or research their topics at home, then submit photos or a video (pre-recorded) of their project to show during the virtual science fair. We will NOT be judging during this year's science fair. Please register online as a Participant by March 14th so we have an accurate headcount of participants. 

To attend the science fair: Please join us for an exhibit of student science experiments via a Zoom presentation. The evening will include making your own bouncy ball during intermission, and supplies are provided. Please register online as an Audience Member by March 14th to get your bouncy ball kitThe bouncy ball kits will be distributed Tuesday, March 15th at school. 

Zoom link will be emailed out to registrants on Thursday March 17th.

For more information, e-mail

This is a Little Cedars Elementary PTA Sponsored Event



Participants, please e-mail a 2-3-minute video or pictures to or upload the files to the PTA OneDrive . Please include your full name, grade, and a title of the project.


File requirements for exhibit: 

  • Contain high quality photographs that are focused, well-lit (without reflections or glare, for example) and full-sized images (aka large or actual size).
  • Video footage may also be submitted for science experiment. Please submit the video as raw footage, which we will format and share via Zoom.
  • Include: title of project, scientists’ name/group, grade, science type.




Step 1. Read about Different Project Types. Learn about the different kinds of projects by clicking on the "Project Types" link located below and think about which  you would like to do. If you are considering doing an experiment, click on the "Scientific Method" link to understand the steps involved in performing a scientific experiment. 

Project Types                                                                                                                                                                   

Scientific Method 


Step 2. Choose A Project. The Science Buddies website has a long list of possible projects, as well as a "topic selection wizard" to help you choose a subject area that's interesting to you. Be sure you read through the safety guide. 

Project Ideas


Step 3. Fill Out The Registration Form. Register ONLINE!  Please register by March 14th, 2022 to ensure we have an accurate headcount of participants. 


Step 4. Do Your Project & Present It. Prepare a video or pictures describing your project and submit them to


Step 5. Come to the Science Fair! Invite your family and friends to watch as well. The evening will include a make your own bouncy ball activity during intermission, and supplies will be provided to everyone who registers.



Additional Resources