2014 - 15 Volunteer's of the Month

May 2015 - Our May Volunteer of the Month is Chuck Aplin. Chuck is the grandfather of Jordan (grade 3) and Sydney (grade 6). Every Wednesday, he volunteers in both their classes and is willing to do whatever the teacher needs. As Chuck says, "I'm here for you." He is wonderful at working with students, whether it's in small groups, individuals, or monitoring the whole class. Chuck enjoys the students so much that he even comes on the field trips! He is adept at copying, cutting, and correcting papers, or putting together homework packets. Perhaps one of his finest talents lies in putting up student work on bulletin boards. No project is too big or too small for him! Chuck has been volunteering for seven years on a weekly basis. He is definitely a volunteer to cherish!

April 2015 - Our April Volunteer of the Month is Karin Offin. Karin has been an LCE parent for eight years and when she's not volunteering in class, she can often be seen around the school with camera in hand and at PTA events, working to capture those special moments for our yearbook. Karin has been on the yearbook committee for over 7 years, assisting with page design and layout. Karin is always dependable and goes the extra mile. If there is work needed, she is the first to step up and make sure it gets done! Karin is also a familiar face at recess on Ice Cream Tuesdays each week. Thank you Karin for all that you do for our students and families here at Little Cedars.

March 2015 - Our March Volunteer of the Month is Matt Martin. Matt has volunteered for Ms. Winter for the past two years. Matt's son was in Ms. Winter's class last year and is now in middle school but Matt still comes to LCE to help out! Matt comes four days a week and stays between 1.5 and 2 hours a day! He is INVALUABLE - he works with individuals, small groups, corrects quizzes, adds useful tips during lessons, and is an excellent helper in class. Join us in thanking Matt for all he does here at LCE!

February 2015 - Our February Volunteer of the Month is Gwynne Taylor. Gwynne is a retired teacher, and for the past seven year, has helped not only her grandchildren but countless others. Sometimes she has been asked to be a guardian angel for students who really needed a cheerleader to get them through tough times. She has been a gift to our school! Thank you Gwynne for your dedication and generosity of time.

January 2015 - Our January Volunteer of the Month is Connie Hellmund. Connie has been a very active volunteer since her son, Nick, was in Kindergarten (7 years)! You can often see her across from the library, replenishing and organizing the art supplies for the Art Docent Program. She has worked as the Art Docent Co-Chair for six years and has helped with many other activities including Celebration of the Arts, Read Naturally, Science Docent, Classroom Teacher helper, Room Parent, and helping the school with translation - at a moment's notice! Connie always has a warm smile and befriends everyone she meets. She is humble about her time spent at the school, and the PTA wants to recognize her for the countless hours she contributes to every child's success here at LCE!

December 2014 - Our December Volunteer of the Month is Doris Axelson. If you have heard of our Science Lab program here at LCE, you are aware of the tremendous impact Doris has had on our Little Cedars community. Over three years ago, Doris saw a gap in our science curriculum here at LCE and had a vision to change that with hands-on science labs for every student. As Science Lab Chair, she works tirelessly to develop dozens of labs tailored to each grade and coordinates volunteers across all the school so each month all of our students have this AMAZING opportunity and she volunteers in many of the labs as well. Doris truly embodies PTA's goal of making every child's potential a reality and we are thankful to have her as part of the LCE community! Thank you Doris for all that you do!

November 2014 - Our November Volunteer of the Month is Jennifer Butler. Jennifer has two kids at LCE and spends at least a couple days a week at the school helping in the classrooms (she even helps in classes her children aren't in!), as well as helping at special events. Jennifer spends even more time helping out the PTA by serving as our Social Media chair - keeping our website up to date and sending out important reminders via Facebook and Twitter to make sure no one misses any of the fun things planned for the students. Additionally, Jennifer serves as one of the chairs on our Community Caring team. As you can see, Jennifer is a huge contributor to not only the PTA but to our school and community. Thanks Jennifer!