2015 - 16 Volunteer's of the Month


May 2016 - Congratulations to our May Volunteer of the Month, J.D. Stewart.  J.D. is a graduating senior at Glacier Peak High School. He has volunteered for the Little Cedars Lego Club for 4 school years! He sets up the space for the students, helps them build and troubleshoot their projects, ensures they play safely and respectfully together, and cleans up when the meeting is done. 

J.D. is dependable and trustworthy. He has never been late for Lego Club. In fact, he usually arrives about 30 minutes early to make sure everything is ready to go for the students. He is patient and professional with the kids. They love to ask him questions and challenge him, and he has been a positive role model.  

We are so grateful he has been here helping our kids! The Lego Club is really going to miss him next year, but we're proud to watch him head off to college, and we wish him luck building his future!


April 2016 - Our April Volunteer of the Month is Jessica Anderson. As a room mom, Jessica has gone above and beyond in EVERY situation. From crafting creative Valentines to food prep to take home "summer" buckets for the kids...she always made sure the events were memorable and fun. She spent so much of her time and a lot of her own money too...to create special parties. For teacher appreciation week, Jessica spearheaded a theme for each day and made sure our teachers felt the love.

As if that wasn't enough... Jessica was asked to be Art Docent as there was a shortage of volunteers. She took on this responsibility and became Art Docent for our lucky Kindergarteners. In addition, Jessica regularly helps out with Science Labs and can often be found in class as a classroom parent volunteer. Jessica is a true gift to LCE kids as she creates the magic at school that is truly memorable.


March 2016 - Our March Volunteer of the Month is Marion Stewart. Marion has two grandsons at Little Cedars, one in 3rd grade and the other in 6th grade. She has volunteered in several classrooms throughout the years. Last year she spent several days in the Resource Room. This year she can be found four days a week in Mrs. Sebastian's 5th grade classroom. She helps out with copying, correcting papers, and can often be found hanging artwork in the hallways of our school. Marion is willing to help wherever needed. In her spare time she enjoys reading and spending time with her family, especially her grandkids! Thank you Marion for all you do.


February 2016 - Our February Volunteer of the Month is Christy Kenyon. Christy has two kids at Little Cedars, Hailey (4th grade) and Porter (Kindergarten). She has been volunteering for several years, including helping with our Lego Club, lending her time as a weekly classroom volunteer and room mom, being in charge of the holiday affair bake sale, and helping at the book fair. Outside of school she volunteers as her daughter's Girl Scout Troop Leader and the service unit cookie manager. Thank you so much Christy, for all you give to LCE, the students, and the PTA. We appreciate you!


January 2016 - Our January Volunteer of the Month is Nicole VonTrotha. She's taught Art Docents each year for multiple teachers, helped at several PTA and school events, is our Lead Science Docent this current school year, is active in Boy Scouts, participates as the GPHS Band Treasurer, serves as a Girl Scout Service Unit Member, as well as volunteers as a Community Summer Camp Coordinator. WOW!

As you can see, she doesn't just spend her time volunteering directly with her own children, she works for the entire community to help all of our children succeed. Thank you Nicole!


December 2015 - Our December Volunteer of the Month is Julie Jorde. Julie has been involved with Robotics programs at LCE for 3 years now and has coached for 2 of these years. Julie is an anchor for this program with coaching, coordinating events, helping out in EVERY way she can, and even opens up her home for anyone to participate in practice sessions, etc. In addition, her husband has helped the team to win scholarships from Philips Ultrasound group in Bothell as well as provide a great STEM field trip to their facility's Engineering Days in February. Julie and her family are crucial to the success of the growing LCE Robotics Program.


November 2015 - Our November Volunteer of the Month is Amy Mann. Amy has two kids at LCE (3rdand 6th graders) and can be found at the school every Thursday helping out with Popcorn. Come rain or sun, she is out there passing out bags of popcorn to our eager students, putting smiles on their faces! She has helped out with Lego Club in the past, as well as volunteered at several PTA events and always steps up when asked to help. Recently, Amy diligently helped the entire 6th grade class with putting up their hallway display before conferences (this means she put up 110 name tags and backgrounds in one day). WOW! She has offered to help all the sixth grade teachers with anything they need done. Thank you so much Amy, for making a difference for our students and teachers.


October 2015 - Our October Volunteer of the Month is Sara Johnson. Sara has two kids at LCE (Eleanor is in 4th grade and Emmett is in Kindergarten) and has been volunteering at our school since her daughter was in Kindergarten. She enjoys helping out at special classroom events as well as PTA events. Sara also lends her time to the PTA as our Wolverine Weekly editor, making sure all our families have information on important events going on at LCE. As you can see, Sara is a huge contributor to not only the PTA but to our school and community. Thank you, Sara, for being amazingly giving of your time and talents!